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Anyone have any insight on why it works in Outlook 2003 but not Entourage? If you need immediate technical assistance, you can: Contact Intermedia support at (800) 379-7729 or Open a support ticket online Help us improve our knowledge base. We just got it working now. Suppress error message: "Can't contact LDAP Directory ... navigate here

We have a number of Administrative Assistants using Macs who manage their bosses calendars. Is there any way to recover my calendar info (it wipes out EVERYTHING, my entire history). 2.) I also have not been able to get Free/Busy to work. Readers have reported the update causing problems with Problems opening Word 10.1.4 August 18, 2003 Michael Wilmar finds Word files are no longer double-clickable: Since I downloaded the most recent update Error when sending and receiving email: Authentication Failed Searching LDAP hangs in outlook 2007 sp2 running on Windows 7 x64 The failure code from authentication protocol Kerberos was ...

I, of course, attributed this to 10.3.3 - but I was wrong. But, what I have worked with on a constant basis as a System Administrator for 10 years is that fonts cause the most amount of grief. That doesn't look like a normal search base to me. Hans Puschke - I suspect they consider it a preview issue!I have Office 2013 installed on my Windows 8 installation.

When you add a new signature in an attempt to replace an old one, Outlook for Mac appends the new signature instead of replacing it. Installed 10.1.4 and 10.1.5 then installed each. Microsoft releases Office Mac 11.3.7 Update. Tryry posted Oct 17, 2016 at 3:24 PM Show Recipient in Sent Items Folder.

Sometimes, I've noticed that the authentication problem is worse when moving Entourage from Offline mode back to Online. On Fri, 29 Aug, 2014 at 11:54 , Nathan White wrote: Hello, I am working with a Ubuntu 12.04 server, running nss-pam-ldapd 0.8.4. Reader Reports Topics include: Reader reviews--Lack of MAPI support and other features found in Outlook 2001 Requires Exchange 2002 SP or later--won't work with v5.5 Problems with calendaring, suggestions for getting Go Here Introduction Microsoft Outlook has traditionally been the Windows client for Microsoft's Exchange Server for e-mail and calendar functions.

Excel actually booted originally, but stopped as well. Reinstalling the package and trashing the personal preferences didn't help. I did notice that when I setup Outlook there was an option to manually configure the client (or you could simply let it detect the mail server). At the first sign of major application issues I go directly to my font folder(s) and check the Creation Date of all fonts.

The company said that the 11.2.1 Update fixes a bug that could cause data loss when Entourage SP2 tries to synchronize with an Exchange mailbox that was moved to a different On my Mac I had to use a specific port for LDAP. There are some differences in the way things are done in Entourage compared to Outlook that you need to get used to. If you have any questions about these pages, please contact listmaster [at] arthurdejong.org.

We are running Exchange 2k, SP3 installed, OWA is enabled. http://cdbug.org/ldap-error/ldap-error-91-cannot-connect-to-the-ldap-server.php Word has behaved itself since both before and after the Office 10.1.4 update, probably due to the system reinstall rather than particular system versions. if the event was first scheduled in 2001, this is the appointment that the user sees as an update!) April 6, 2004 Sandra Ketrow verified one of the problem issues: I Overall I'm disappointed with what Microsoft has given us in this release.

August 21, 2003 Richard Rodriguez is seeing a problem with PowerPoint quitting: I too am having problems with PowerPoint. I haven't been able to duplicate the problem, but it seems to be similar to what others have described after choosing a background. To replace the signature, you must delete the original signature from the e-mail message manually. his comment is here Computerworld has a description of the security updates.

August 6, 2003 Brian Little explains why some sites need MAPI support : I just want to emphasize to Microsoft that this is _not_ an appropriate tool for the enterprise. The updates are Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition 13.0.4, Office 2008 for Mac 12.2.4, Microsoft's Office 2004 for Mac 11.5.8, and Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.1.4. A couple of times, the first background selection caused it to quit, while other times it quits after adding a new slide.

This lockout happens even if I've only received one error message telling of a wrong password and I supposedly have a couple more tries in the bank.

It does not support setting server-side rules to move or manage messages and contacts or to act on calendar events. Microsoft should give us a better solution. This will be an issue. -- I haven't figured out how to get a Read Receipt for read mail. If a user sets permission levels onlyto allow free/busy or free/busy limited details, an Outlook 2011 user will not be able to see any details of the shared calendar.

Once these problems were corrected every thing seams to work OK. It may also directly help these Office issues. August 7, 2003 Sebastian Wohlrapp sent in some advice for configuring shared calendars with the new Exchange-enabled Entourage released this week: The settings for participating in shared calendars are a bit weblink This was happening before the office 10.1.4 update while running Mac OS 10.2.6.

All of the other Office apps were updated. The issue is, we are not able to login on XP clients with domain user credentials.