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Index(es): Chronological Thread Wiki home Community Training Support home Company home Demo Loading LDAP Error Codes From ServiceNow Wiki Home > Administer > Core Configuration > Reference Pages > LDAP Error In a multi-master syncrepl configuration mirrormode true may be missing from the slapd.conf file. 3. LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED 4 (x'04) An LDAP size limit was exceeded. This field is found on the GroupWise tab when accessing the properties of the GroupWise user in Console One. http://cdbug.org/ldap-error/ldap-error-dsa-is-unavailable.php

The most common cause is when a GWIA is running on the same server as the NLDAP server and GWIA is configured to support LDAP. I have never seen non existant webagents polls causing directory issues. Documentation for later releases is also on docs.servicenow.com. A timelimit was exceeded while waiting for a result. https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7_7.1.1/com.ibm.itsm.tshoot.doc/r_pdg_msgs_ldap.html

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Found in the user's properties on the General Tab.This has also been seen when the LDAP User Name is incorrectlyreferring to the wrong ou the user doesn't exist in. May also happen if you use an LDIF format file (dn: cn=xxx etc.) with ldapdelete which only requires a plain DN. 35 (x'23) Reserved and unused in LDAPv3 (LDAPv2: LDAP_IS_LEAF The The policy store is on the same machine as thepolicy server.One thing I notice is that I have white hat scanning a lot of my web agentsat that time.White hat I LDAP Error Doing ServerCommand_Search: 82: Local error[XPSLDAP.cpp:1651][ReadOneParameter][ERROR][sm-xpsxps-01080] Error occurred during "index search" for "xpsParameter=CA.SM::$AgentConnectionMaxLifetime,ou=XPS,ou=policysvr4,ou=siteminder,ou=netegrity,ou=smpolicystore,o=spe,c=US", text: Local error[SmObjProvider.cpp:187][ERROR][sm-Server-03090] Policy store failed operation 'Search' for object type 'Response' .

LDAP Status Code Meaning Exception or Action 0 Success Report success. 1 Operations error NamingException 2 Protocol error CommunicationException 3 Time limit exceeded. LDAP_REFERRAL 10 (x'0A) Indicates a LDAP Referral response. Again as I am re-iterating; there are parameters we could play with. Ldap Error Code 49 - Invalid Credentials Invalid value, for example, attribute may take a specific value or one of a set of values LDAP_TYPE_OR_VALUE_EXISTS 20 (x'14) An attribute type or attribute value specified already exists in the

Copyright © 1995, 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Ldap Error Code 49 80090308 Additional Information See solution NOVL68232 for Enabling LDAP Authentication with GroupWise 6 Formerly known as TID# 10067376 + Novell GroupWise 8: Upgrading your Existing Novell GroupWise Environment DisclaimerThis Support Knowledgebase provides The LDAP service provider translates the LDAP status code it receives from the LDAP server to the appropriate subclass of NamingException. check here Powered by Blogger.

The constraint can be one of size or content (string only, no binary). 20 LDAP_TYPE_OR_VALUE_EXISTS Indicates that the attribute value specified in a modify or add operation already exists as a Ldap Error 32 May be the error is common, however the representation in LDAP and ODBC may different. If slapd was loaded using a slapd.conf file and a slapd.d directory (cn=config) also exists them subsequent modifications to a DIT can fail with this message. Used by the LDAP provider; usually doesn't generate an exception. 36 Alias dereferencing problem NamingException 48 Inappropriate authentication AuthenticationNotSupportedException 49 Invalid credentials AuthenticationException 50 Insufficient access rights NoPermissionException 51 Busy ServiceUnavailableException

Ldap Error Code 49 80090308

Sun LDAP Directory Server only. http://charlesahart.blogspot.com/2009/05/ldap-error-code-52-unavailable.html LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT 32 (x'20) The specified entry does not exist in the directory (DIT). Openldap Error Codes Returns only when presented with a valid username and valid password credential. 49 / 532 PASSWORD_EXPIRED Indicates an Active Directory (AD) AcceptSecurityContext data error that is a logon failure. Active Directory Ldap Error Codes SchemaViolationException 71 Affects multiple DSAs.

LDAP_INAPPROPRIATE_MATCHING 18 (x'12) Indicates the extensible match filter matching rule is not supported for the specified attribute type. check over here Sun LDAP Directory Server only. LDAP_USER_CANCELLED 88 (x'58) C API (draft) only. Bind operations. 33 LDAP_ALIAS_PROBLEM Indicates that an error occurred when an alias was dereferenced. 34 LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX Indicates that the syntax of the DN is incorrect. (If the DN syntax is correct, Ldap Error Code 53 - Unwilling To Perform

A Library/Client cannot connect to an LDAP server defined in a URL. An error code is associated with each type of issue. 2 Standard Error Codes Error / Data Code Error Description 0 LDAP_SUCCESS Indicates the requested client operation completed successfully. 1 LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR LDAP Error Doing AgentCommand_Search: 82: Local error[SmObjProvider.cpp:187][ERROR][sm-Server-03090] Policy store failed operation 'Search' for object type 'Property' . his comment is here LDAP_STRONG_AUTH_NOT_SUPPORTED 7 (x'07) The LDAP server does not support strong authentication.

The user's password must be changed before logging on the first time. Ldap Error Code 53 Will_not_perform The modify operation tries to remove a required attribute without removing the auxiliary class that defines the attribute as required. 66 LDAP_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_NONLEAF Indicates that the requested operation is permitted only on LDAP_ENCODING_ERROR 83 (x'53) C API (draft) only.

The user's account has expired.

ibm.software.ldap Discussion: Error 52 - DSA unavailable (too old to reply) Ashraf Ali Shaikh 2005-05-11 06:46:31 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Dear sir,We have already installed 2 peers and one replica having ITDS NamingException 80 Other NamingException « Previous • Trail • Next » Your use of this page and all the material on pages under "The Java Tutorials" banner is subject to these The search results exceeded the range specified by the requested offsets. 62 - 63 (x'3E - x'3F). Ldap Error 81 Otherwise, use contents to build a referral. 10 Referral encountered.

In a client request, the client requested an operation such as delete that requires strong authentication. I know this was referenced by the good folks at L2 Support who put on an STE a while back. The best information comes from OpenLDAP's rather voluminous logging (certainly when using loglevel -1). weblink Returns only when presented with a valid username and valid password credential. 49 / 531 RESTRICTED_TO_SPECIFIC_MACHINES Indicates an Active Directory (AD) AcceptSecurityContext data error that is logon failure caused because the

InvalidAttributeValueException 20 An attribute or value already in use. Some local error occurred. Problems with the examples? The request places the entry subordinate to a container that is forbidden by the containment rules.

LDAP_RESULTS_TOO_LARGE 70 (x'46) C API (draft) only. Related changes Special pages Permanent link This page was last modified 18:09, 13 July 2016.