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Ldap Error Code 16 - Modify/delete

This may come from incompatible of using different versions of BerkeleyDB for installing of SASL and installing of OpenLDAP. See hosts_access(5) for more information. Compressing objects: 100% (6/6), done. ldap_*: Can't chase referral This is caused by the line referral ldap://root.openldap.org In slapd.conf, it was provided as an example for how to use referrals in the original file. navigate here

Use 0 to lockout an account until admin resets it' SYNTAX{32} EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match SINGLE-VALUE)attributetype ( zimbraPasswordLockoutEnabled NAME ( 'zimbraPasswordLockoutEnabled' ) DESC 'whether or not account lockout is enabled.' SYNTAX That is, inetOrgPerson SUPs organizationPerson SUPs person. C.1.20. Once the server is restarted and the unhashed password is no longer stored in the entry in memory, the userpassword could be successfully removed. $ ldapmodify -x ...

I've verified the value does not exist. 2) when using the delete snippet below, I get "LDAP: error code 16 - NDS error: no such value (-602)" whether or not the This is because you will essentially be deleting-all existing value and replacing it with the new value you are adding. Problem conclusion This fix for this APAR is contained in the following maintenance packages: | Interim Fix | 4.6.0-TIV-TIM-IF0056 Temporary fix Comments APAR Information APAR numberIZ01769 Reported component nameIBM TIV ID ldap_bind: Insufficient access Current versions of slapd(8) requires that clients have authentication permission to attribute types used for authentication purposes before accessing them to perform the bind operation.

If the userpassword is hashed by, e.g., SSHA, you can now delete the specific password with the password string? (Or it still fails, but you can get a better error message?) Replying to nhosoi: Replying to mreynolds: The patch now allows you to use the clear text password to delete the encoded one in the entry. So at least there's something systematic about it. How do I change just one of the SFTrule attribute values?In pure ldif:dn: existing dnchangetype: modifydelete: SFTruleSFTrule: old value-add: SFTruleSFTrule: new value- reply | permalink Related Discussions Fwd: Re: SVN perl-ldap:

Terms of Use Front page | perl.ldap | Postings from April 2013 RE: Modify only one attribute that has multiple values of the samename Thread Previous | Thread Next From: Brian ldap_*: Can't contact LDAP server The Can't contact LDAP server error is usually returned when the LDAP server cannot be contacted. You should also look for answers specific to the operation (as indicated in the error message). C.1.22.

It does not indicate that the client has sent an erroneous message. Asmentioned by Francis, you will have to delete the value you want to changeand add a new one in place of it. It is very important that these secrets are kept beyond reach of intruders. Looking okay so far but the problem has been cropping up for this account over the past two days at irregular intervals, so I wouldn't say I'm in the clear until

If you find this post helpful and are logged into the web interface, show your appreciation and click on the star below... https://groups.google.com/d/topic/perl.ldap/v4A_ow0pvpI It is currently not supported. Missing required attribute An attribute required by the entry's object class(es) was not provided. It may do this as well if the ACL needs tweaking.

C.1.9. check over here The ldif examples are below. C.1.2. The password backend is only willing to perform searches.

Now the unhashed userpassword is stashed in the entry object extension. Used internally by the LDAP provider during authentication. 16 No such attribute exists. ldap_*: Referral hop limit exceeded This error generally occurs when the client chases a referral which refers itself back to a server it already contacted. his comment is here Unrecognized objectClass One (or more) of the listed objectClass values is not recognized.

dgersic12-Mar-2015, 19:30On Thu, 12 Mar 2015 15:44:01 +0000, sleather wrote: > Thanks for the reply, David. ldap_*: Invalid DN syntax The target (or other) DN of the operation is invalid. I'll send the new patch out shortly.

So that it is treated as an atom and if EITHER fails, NEITHER happens (which is the creed -- "at the very least, do no harm")This is straight out of the

It did not. Notes: * I'm using the admin user. * I can add and remove the membership with iManager. * I can add and remove the groupMembership attribute individually with a tool like To resolve this problem, one must determine which class will better serve structural object class for the entry, adding this class to the objectClass attribute (if not already present), and remove access to attr=userPassword by self =w by anonymous auth access * by self write by users read C.1.18.

Complaints? Top i2ambler Advanced member Posts: 161 Joined: Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:58 am LDAP: error code 16 - modify/delete: Quote Postby i2ambler » Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:18 am [quote user="blueflametuna"]Actually, See A Quick-Start Guide for assistance. http://cdbug.org/ldap-error/ldap-error-code-82.php Used by DirContext.search().

In case the entry in the entry cache has it and we delete a specified password, we want to delete the stashed unhashed userpassword, too. This implies that either the string representation of the DN is not in the required form, one of the types in the attribute value assertions is not defined, or one of If the property is set to "throw", throw ReferralException. SchemaViolationException 71 Affects multiple DSAs.

Check for other errors indicating a shortage of resources required by the directory server. Changed 4 years ago by mreynolds Attachment 0001-Ticket-394-modify-delete-userpassword.patch​ added Added the password extension changes comment:11 Changed 4 years ago by rmeggins Review changed from review? This may occur for many reasons: the LDAP server is not running; this can be checked by running, for example, telnet replacing and with the hostname and This only works with Heimdal.

C.2.4. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Digg Share on Reddit Share on Google+ Top Saturdays Advanced member Posts: 190 Joined: Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:17 am LDAP: error code The list may be empty because none of the supported mechanisms are currently available. slapd(8) will generally return "no global superior knowledge" as additional information indicating its return noSuchObject instead of a referral as the server is not configured with knowledge of a global superior

This only works if you are using MIT kerberos. NamingException 64 Naming violation InvalidNameException 65 Object class violation SchemaViolationException 66 Not allowed on non-leaf. Returns only when presented with valid username and password credential. 49 / 773 USER MUST RESET PASSWORD Indicates an Active Directory (AD) AcceptSecurityContext data error. Error description ********************************************** ********************************************** Title: "LDAP error 16 - No such attribute" occurs when removing TITLE attribute of AD account Problem Description: While creating a person, user sets data to his

We have a solution for you - https://www.zimbra.com/zimbra-suite-plus/Zimbra Collaboration 8.7 is here!. If the updatedn on the replica does not exist, a referral will be returned. ldap_add: no structuralObjectClass operational attribute ldapadd(1) may error: adding new entry "uid=XXX,ou=People,o=campus,c=ru" ldap_add: Internal (implementation specific) error (80) additional info: no structuralObjectClass operational attribute when slapd(8) cannot determine, based upon the While all of these classes are commonly listed in the objectClass attribute of the entry, one of these classes is the structural object class of the entry.

Normally additional information is returned the error detailing the violation.