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Definition #define LDAP_SUCCESS 0x00 /* 0 */ LDAP_TIMELIMIT_EXCEEDED This result code indicates that the time limit on a search operation has been exceeded. ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=,dc=" -W -f /root/addressbook.ldif dn: dc=justlinux,dc=com objectclass: dcobject objectclass: organisation o: linuxcenter dc: justlinux kel Posts: 1Joined: Wed Jan 28, 2004 3:05 am Top cert8.db by dday376 Check that the user you are authenticating as has the appropriate permissions. This result code is if the client is referred to other servers more times than allowed by the referral hop limit. his comment is here

The LDAP SDK forC sets this result code if a function was called and invalid parameters were specified (for example, if the LDAP structure is NULL). Make sure that the server is loading a plug-in that supports the extended operation. The list of registered LDAP error codes is at http://www.iana.org/assignments/ldap-parameters. Definition #define LDAP_BUSY 0x33 /* 51 */ LDAP_CLIENT_LOOP This result code indicates that the LDAP client detected a loop, for example, when following referrals. http://www.ldapadministrator.com/forum/error-91-cant-connect-to-ldap-server-t194.html

Ldapexception(resultcode=91 (connect Error)

The request is a modify request to modify the schema entry, and one of the following occurs: The operation is LDAP_MOD_REPLACE. (The server does not allow you to replace schema entry Documentation for later releases is also on docs.servicenow.com. Definition #define LDAP_INAPPROPRIATE_MATCHING 0x12 /* 18 */ LDAP_INDEX_RANGE_ERROR This result code indicates that the search results exceeded the range specified by the requested offsets. For example, either of the following cause this error: The client returns simple credentials when strong credentials are required.

How to find positive things in a code review? Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search What are the LDAP return codes and message descriptions? What does the pill-shaped 'X' mean in electrical schematics? Connect Error Result Code: 91 (connect Error) Ok i get a step back and try the following command: ldapsearch -H ldap://server.active2.homelinux.org/ -x -b "" -s base -LLL -ZZ supportedSASLMechanisms i got the following: ldap_start_tls: Connect error (91) additional

How to deal with a coworker who is making fun of my work? Ldap Error Codes 49 Browse other questions tagged java android ldap unboundid-ldap-sdk or ask your own question. It may be worth manually importing the certificate to the local machine store just to see if you can establish the SSL connection. Is it legal to bring board games (made of wood) to Australia?

If you have access to openssl on a linux machine, you can use openssl s_client to connect to the LDAPS port to obtain the public certificate for examination. Openldap Error Codes Definition #define LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED 0x04 /* 4 */ LDAP_SORT_CONTROL_MISSING This result code indicates that server did not receive a required server-side sorting control. Follow-Ups: Re: Can't connect LDAP server (81) From: Dieter Kluenter Prev by Date: Cross-platform OpenLDAP? Table18-1Numerical Listing of Result Codes by Value Decimal Hexidecimal Defined Name 0 0x00 LDAP_SUCCESS 1 0x01 LDAP_OPERATIONS_ERROR 2 0x02 LDAP_PROTOCOL_ERROR 3 0x03 LDAP_TIMELIMIT_EXCEEDED 4 0x04 LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED 5 0x05 LDAP_COMPARE_FALSE 6 0x06

Ldap Error Codes 49

A new superior DN is specified, but your client identifies itself as an LDAPv2 client. The result indicates that the specified attribute value is present in the specified entry. Ldapexception(resultcode=91 (connect Error) Make sure to specify whether your LDAP client is an LDAPv2 client or an LDAPv3 client. Ldap Error Code 1 - Operations Error As a simple test you can try "telnet 389" or try an LDAP Browser - If you search you will find some free ones you can download and use to

Next by Date: Re: bindDN, Root DN, LDAP security Index(es): Chronological Thread [OpenAM] LDAP Error 91: Your LDAP client failed to connect to the LDAP server Bernhard Thalmayr bernhard.thalmayr at painstakingminds.com http://cdbug.org/ldap-error/ldap-error-code.php If you are not bound as the root DN and specify no size limit, the server sets the size limit to the value specified by the sizelimit directive in the server's For a bind operation, it may indicate that the client attempted to use an unsupported LDAP protocol version. Definition #define LDAP_SERVER_DOWN 0x51 /* 81 */ LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED This result code indicates that the maximum number of search results to return has been exceeded. Active Directory Ldap Error Codes

If you want to use these features, make sure to specify that your LDAP client is an LDAPv3 client. Definition #define LDAP_MORE_RESULTS_TO_RETURN 0x5f /* 95 */ LDAP_NAMING_VIOLATION This result code indicates that the request violates the structure of the DIT. Note When working with Sun Java System Directory Server, keep in mind the following: If you are bound as the root DN, the server sets an infinite look-through limit. weblink Powerful Directory Management Tool Skip to content Home Features Screenshots Downloads Purchase Licensing & Pricing Online Store Get a Quote Resellers Become a Reseller Discount Program Educational and non-profit Government Volume

If a compare operation does not encounter an error during processing, then the server should return a result of either "compare true" or "compare false", based on whether the target entry Ldap Error Code 81 Players Characters don't meet the fundamental requirements for campaign What is the meaning of the so-called "pregnant chad"? You may need to increase the log level of the server to get additional information.

For example, the following types of request return this error: The add or modify operation tries to add an entry without a value for a required attribute.

I'm trying to port my application to the Novell world and can't really do it without being able to determine group memberships, etc.. The LDAP SDK forC sets this result code if a function cannot allocate memory (for example, when creating an LDAP request or an LDAP control). For more information on SASL authentication, see Chapter12, "Using SASL Authentication." Definition #define LDAP_SASL_BIND_IN_PROGRESS 0x0E /* 14 */ LDAP_SERVER_DOWN This result code indicates that the LDAP SDK forC cannot establish a Ldap Error Code 53 Will_not_perform Definition #define LDAP_ALIAS_PROBLEM 0x21 /* 33 */ LDAP_ALREADY_EXISTS This result code indicates that the request is attempting to add an entry that already exists in the directory.

What you are about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN. UnboundID13809 Research Blvd, Suite 500Austin, TX 78750 [email protected] [Date Prev][Date Next] [Chronological] [Thread] [Top] Can't connect LDAP server (81) To: [email protected] Subject: Can't connect LDAP server (81) From: Matthijs Mohlmann It may be returned in response to an add, bind, delete, extended, modify, modify DN, or search operations. check over here For more information, see "Limiting Referral Hops" of Chapter4, "Using the LDAP API." Definition #define LDAP_REFERRAL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 0x61 /* 97 */ LDAP_RESULTS_TOO_LARGE This result code indicates that the results of the request

On search operations, incomplete results are returned. 4 LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED Indicates that in a search operation, the size limit specified by the client or the server has been exceeded. For more information on controls, see Chapter13, "Working with LDAP Controls." Definition #define LDAP_CONTROL_NOT_FOUND 0x5d /* 93 */ LDAP_DECODING_ERROR This result code indicates that the LDAP client encountered an error when Sun Java System Directory Server might send this code if, for example, memory cannot be allocated on the server. Definition #define LDAP_NO_RESULTS_RETURNED 0x5E /* 94 */ LDAP_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE This result code indicates that the specified attribute does not exist in the entry.

Caution Sun Java System Directory Server does not currently send this result code back to LDAP clients. I am using UnboundId library so my app to be able to establish an LDAP connection.