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Ldap Param Error


It also sends this code when an LDAP_SASL_EXTERNAL bind is attempted but certification to DN mapping fails. FreeBSD in particular needs an explicit entry in rc.conf (slapd_cn_config="YES") to force use of slapd.d. If you have not established an initial connection with the server, verify that you have specified the correct host name and port number and that the server is running. LDAP_ALIAS_PROBLEM 33 (x'21) An alias in the DIT points to a nonexistent entry. navigate here

ldap_parse_virtuallist_control() is called, but no virtual list view response control is found in the server's response. Sun Java System Directory Server might send this code if, for example, memory cannot be allocated on the server. version => N Set the protocol version being used (default is LDAPv3). Failed. 19.08.2016 14:10:43.266 *INFO* [qtp1028969176-3509] org.apache.sling.auth.core.impl.SlingAuthenticator getAnonymousResolver: Anonymous access not allowed by configuration - requesting credentials 19.08.2016 14:10:43.288 *WARN* [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 [1471590643280] GET /libs/granite/core/content/login.html HTTP/1.1] libs.granite.core.components.login.login$jsp j_reason param value 'unknown' cannot be https://www.ldap.com/ldap-result-code-reference

Openldap Return Codes

The server encounters an error when creating the sorting response control (the control to be sent back to the client). Caution At this point, neither the LDAP SDK forC nor Sun Java System Directory Server return this result code. An unknown filter type is specified. The rebind function parameters are as follows: The ld parameter must be used by the application when binding to the referred server if the application wants the libraries to follow the

Definition #define LDAP_TIMELIMIT_EXCEEDED 0x03 /* 3 */ LDAP_TIMEOUT This result code indicates that the LDAP client timed out while waiting for a response from the server. No client certificate when TLSVerifyClient is 'never' in which case the error message is not fatal and service continues. The detailed reference of each result code is then given in alphabetical order. Resultcode Fi A value of 0, and the default, means that no restriction is requested.

Look at the detail in the browse LDAP after you bind with ldp.exe... 0 share Do you want to delete this question? Ldap Result Codes You can also specify a URI, such as 'ldaps://' or 'ldapi://%2fvar%2flib%2fldap_sock'. sizelimit => N A sizelimit that restricts the maximum number of entries to be returned as a result of the search. http://www.ldapadministrator.com/forum/sizelimit-exceeded-problem-t14.html When such a list is received then the subroutine will be called with a Net::LDAP::Reference object as the second argument.

Definition #define LDAP_PARAM_ERROR 0x59 /* 89 */ LDAP_PARTIAL_RESULTS Sun Java System Directory Server sends this result code to LDAPv2 clients to refer them to another LDAP server. Ldap Error Code 87 The request is a modify request, and the change will make the entry non-compliant with the schema. I am using username instead of email to authenticate, so naturally the email field in my table is blank. The LDAP SDK forC sets this result code, when following referrals, if the client is referred to other servers more times than allowed by the referral hop limit.

Ldap Result Codes

Site Search Library linux docs linux man pages page load time Toys world sunlight moon phase trace explorer Home · Authors · Recent · News · Mirrors · FAQ · Feedback If an operation is canceled in this way, then this result code will be used for both the operation that was canceled and for the cancel extended operation itself. 119: No Openldap Return Codes LDAP_OTHER 80 (x'50) An unknown error occurred. Ldap Result Code 200 If you are happy it's OK - but your browser is giving a less than optimal experience on our site.

Table18-3LDAP Client Result Codes LDAP_AUTH_UNKNOWN LDAP_MORE_RESULTS_TO_RETURN LDAP_CLIENT_LOOP LDAP_NO_MEMORY LDAP_CONNECT_ERROR LDAP_NO_RESULTS_RETURNED LDAP_CONTROL_NOT_FOUND LDAP_NOT_SUPPORTED LDAP_DECODING_ERROR LDAP_PARAM_ERROR LDAP_ENCODING_ERROR LDAP_REFERRAL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED LDAP_FILTER_ERROR LDAP_SERVER_DOWN LDAP_INDEX_RANGE_ERROR LDAP_SUCCESS LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR LDAP_TIMEOUT Result Codes Reference in Alphabetical Order The following sections http://cdbug.org/ldap-error/ldap-error-91-cannot-connect-to-the-ldap-server.php The request is a search request with a server-side sorting control, and one of the following is true: The server does not have a syntax plug-in that supports the attribute used delete => { ATTR => VALUE, ... } Delete individual values from an attribute. This chapter contains the following sections: Overview Result Codes Summary in Numerical Order Result Codes Summary By Server/Client Result Codes Reference in Alphabetical Order Overview LDAP result codes are extensible; thus, Ldap Error Code 1 - Operations Error

Do you want to delete this answer? The server is configured to keep a history of previous passwords, and the new password is the same as one of the previous passwords. A write had been attempted to a read-only replica (the consumer in a syncrepl configuration is always read-only). 2. his comment is here sync ( MESG ) Wait for a given MESG request to be completed by the server.

DN may be a string or a Net::LDAP::Entry object. Ldap Error Code 2 - Protocol_error The Server Will Disconnect callback => CALLBACK See "CALLBACKS" below. See ldap_error(3) for more information.

LDAP_PARTIAL_RESULTS 9 (x'09) Partial results only returned.

LDAP_RANGE_INDEX_ERROR 61 (x'3D) Unused in standards. callback => CALLBACK See "CALLBACKS" below. For information on setting the log level, see the Sun ONE Directory Server Administration Guide (http://docs.sun.com/doc/816-6698-10). Ldap Error Code 91 The request is a modify request that is attempting to modify the schema, but no values are provided (for example, the request might be attempting to delete all values of the

The application must supply to the rebind function the required authentication information such as, user name, password, and certificates. value => VALUE If the control being requested requires a value then this element should hold the value for the server. debug ( VALUE ) If VALUE is given the debug bit-value will be set. weblink timeout => N Timeout passed to IO::Socket when connecting the remote server. (Default: 120) multihomed => N Will be passed to IO::Socket as the MultiHomed parameter when connecting to the remote

Unused. LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE 6 (x'06) A compare operation returned true. find Dereference aliases in locating the base object of the search, but not when searching subordinates of the base object. share|improve this answer answered Dec 2 '11 at 1:49 svoisen 1,781197 Thanx, will try this out asap!!! –Roger Nordqvist Jan 16 '12 at 9:33 add a comment| up vote

If you specify no size limit, the server will set one. LDAP_LOOP_DETECT 54 (x'36) A loop was detected. 54 - 59 (x'37 - x'3B). ID may be a number or an object which is a sub-class of Net::LDAP::Message, returned from a previous method call. Gender roles for a jungle treehouse culture Is there a way to view total rocket mass in KSP?

The most secure option is require. Definition #define LDAP_CONNECT_ERROR 0x5b /* 91 */ LDAP_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION This result code indicates that a value in the request does not comply with certain constraints. Please tackle one at a time. 0 share 09:45 PM Danar Ardhito ...in reply to bobkranson August 29, 2016 Dear Mr Bob, I`m running the AEM instance in my computer base => DN The DN that is the base object entry relative to which the search is to be performed.

Definition #define LDAP_COMPARE_FALSE 0x05 /* 5 */ LDAP_COMPARE_TRUE This result code is returned after an LDAP compare operation is completed. When sending this code to a client, the server includes a list of LDAP URLs that identify another LDAP server.