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The solution was to re-run the build system to compile and link the new cpp file. Related 64GCC C++ Linker errors: Undefined reference to 'vtable for XXX', Undefined reference to 'ClassName::ClassName()'30Linker error: “linker input file unused because linking not done”, undefined reference to a function in that referenced from compile error xcode 4 Why am I getting “Undefined symbols … typeinfo … vtable” with a virtual and concrete class? 3 Undefined symbols. share|improve this answer answered May 13 '14 at 20:15 FNE 311 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote In the base class (an abstract base class) you declare a virtual have a peek at these guys

One hint is in the error message: [Linker error] main.o:main.cpp:(.text$_ZN7MachineC2Ev[Machine::Machine()]+0x8): undefined reference to `vtable for Machine' Here -------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Implement the constructors and destructors and it should work. This technique avoids the requirement to link object implementation code just to get dynamic_cast to work properly. Sieve of Eratosthenes, Step by Step What to do with my out of control pre teen daughter What is a Peruvian Word™? What happened is that I split a header-file-only class into a header file and a cpp file.

Undefined Reference To Typeinfo For Class

A good practice for implementing pure virtual functions is found in this article, and this is to make the function print "Pure virtual function called" and then crash the program. –HelloGoodbye But for the non-pure but virtual functions, it needs the definition at the link time so that it can update the VMT table. Please check back via our main site for current courses, prices, versions, etc - any mention of a price in "The Horse's Mouth" cannot be taken as an offer to supply How to unlink (remove) the special hardlink "." created for a folder?

My application works perfectly on Windows but won't compile on Linux. Every attempt was made to provide current information at the time the page was written, but things do move forward in our business - new software releases, price changes, new techniques. C++ RTTI requires a vtable, so classes that you wish to perform type identification on require at least one virtual function. Typeinfo C++ Example Can 「持ち込んだ食品を飲食するのは禁止である。」be simplified for a notification board?

A class containing virtual function must also implement a constructor and a (virtual) destructor. All classes are in a same file for a pilot program. #include #include #include using namespace std; #define MAX_IP_RANGE 4294967295 class Interval { public: virtual Interval * interval_copy() Like void Machine::menu() { // Code for this method } Etc. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1693634/undefined-symbols-vtable-for-and-typeinfo-for If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. 1 Don't use naked pointers.

If you use a class (Foo) in libfoo that has virtuals, you're likely to run into a link-time error that says: missing typeinfo for class Foo. The Vtable Symbol May Be Undefined Because The Class Is Missing Its Key Function My next step is to cut it down to the smallest example that fails to build, but I figured I'd try the lazy way out and take a stab on here Can I stop this homebrewed Lucky Coin ability from being exploited? Browse other questions tagged c++ undefined-reference vtable or ask your own question.

Undefined Reference To Typeinfo For Constructor

void LoadWidgets( GroupByState::Ptr resource ); ... }; Then the original implementation: void UI::LoadWidgets( GroupByState::Ptr resource ) { WidgetSet::Ptr tmp( boost::dynamic_pointer_cast< WidgetSet >(resource) ); if( tmp ) { ... } } Stupid browse this site It just turned out that they had changed the constness of the method and I hadn't noticed, and you will get this error for the reason @bdonian says. Undefined Reference To Typeinfo For Class I was merging my code with upstream changes and picked my change over another engineer's seemingly identical change in the header file. Clang Undefined Reference To Typeinfo Browse other questions tagged c++ gcc linker-error or ask your own question.

ssage.html • PAGE BUILT: Sat Jun 11 12:16:26 2016 • BUILD SYSTEM: WomanWithCat More about the author It was indeed an obscure error message and I appreciate your clear and helpful explanation about what I needed to fix. [Also, your mentioning how weird the error message itself seems Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged c++ boost dynamic linker typeinfo or ask your own question. The Vtable Symbol May Be Undefined

All rights reserved. Training, Open Source Programming Languages Perl • Learning to Program in Perl Perl Programming Special Perl subjects / courses PHP • Learning to class AbstractGroup { protected: typedef boost::shared_ptr Ptr; ... }; class WidgetSet : public AbstractGroup { protected: typedef boost::shared_ptr Ptr; ... }; Another thing showed up after going back into your code I just added Interval::~Interval(){} and it worked! –Amir Oct 11 '11 at 0:39 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I had the same problem. http://cdbug.org/undefined-reference/linker-error-winmain.php share|improve this answer answered Nov 21 '08 at 1:34 CesarB 25.1k34870 2 In my case, I had a base class which declared but did not define virtual methods that were

TIA! Frtti In your class definition, something like: virtual void foo(); Should be defined (inline or in a linked source file): virtual void foo() {} Or declared pure virtual: virtual void foo() = What is the meaning of the so-called "pregnant chad"?

Either add = 0 to the end of the function (making it pure virtal), or define a root::setSize function.

Presumably, it should be as pure as the other functions: virtual void setSize(int) = 0; ^^^ If you're interested in the gory details of why you get that particular error: this Change the destructor definition to be: virtual ~Obstacle(); The definition of a destructor also creates the vtable for a class with virtual functions. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the same error, and I don't quite know what is going on. Undefined Reference To Vtable For Class Constructor C++ What is the meaning of the so-called "pregnant chad"?

And some C and C++ pointers and references too. - (2011-04-09)[3124] C++ - putting the language elements together into a program - (2011-01-08)[3069] Strings, Garbage Collection and Variable Scope in C++ Just spent 45minutes trying to track down some crazy behavior and all I needed was = 0;. –dwanderson Mar 9 at 22:19 add a comment| 14 Answers 14 active oldest votes You've got line(s) like virtual float getarea() ; that should read virtual float getarea() {} ; The complete (working) source code files for this example are available here (written 2006-07-15, updated news basically about inheritance. –Gilad Mar 1 '13 at 10:03 Either make Machine::reserveSeats and Machine::availableSeats pure virtual, or provide a default implementation for them. –Tom Knapen Mar 1 '13 at

Original page is still available here: web.archive.org/web/20100503172629/http://www.pubbs.net/2010‌04/… –Sergiy Byelozyorov Apr 14 '12 at 7:04 1 StackOverflow.com to the rescue again! Who is the highest-grossing debut director? Wardogs in Modern Combat How to create a company culture that cares about information security? C++ delete a pointer (free memory) What to do when you've put your co-worker on spot by being impatient?

Why don't we construct a spin 1/4 spinor? So, this error happens when the "key method" is missing its definition, as other answers already mentioned. Passing in a WidgetSet::Ptr totally eliminates the need for a cast, and it builds fine (which is why I think there's more going on than the standard answer for this question). qdelpeche Feb 19, 2014 at 06:18 PM Has this problem been resolved yet ...

Browse other questions tagged c++ linker-error vtable undefined-reference or ask your own question. If you declare a pure virtual destructor, you need to define that too. by using a fully-qualified name. FooAdapter) that has no virtual and will forward calls to Foo that you use.

answered May 16, 2014 at 06:02 PM nargus 0 more ▼ 0 total comments 473 characters / 44 words add new comment (comments are locked) 10|1100 characters needed characters left ▼ If you put two blocks of an element together, why don't they bond? If you list the libraries you want to link in an order which is incorrect you can get the typeinfo error. share|improve this answer answered May 9 '13 at 11:26 Mats Petersson 94.7k755135 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote I believe it's because you haven't implemented virtual void setSize(int); in

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up g++ linker error--typeinfo, but not vtable up vote 1 down vote favorite I know the standard answer for a linker error about EDIT: Show some more details that people have commented about c++ boost dynamic linker typeinfo share|improve this question edited May 26 '10 at 13:44 asked May 25 '10 at 22:13 James I have a simple Square class, which, originally I was trying to inherit from a Polygon class. Foo Class: class foo : public Awesomium::DataSource { public: foo() {} virtual ~foo() {} void OnRequest(int request_id, const Awesomium::WebString& path) { if (path == Awesomium::WSLit("index.htm")) SendResponse(request_id, 32, (unsigned char*)"

Hello World!

", Awesomium::WSLit("text/html"));